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Hands-On Expert

Our team consist of experienced professionals with expertise in the full spectrum of the rental property cycle.

Minimal Fees

We offer competitive rates for our fullservice management, with no hidden cost, making sure you’re getting the best value.

Maximizing ROI

We help to make sure that your property investment performs to its maximum potential by utilizing our proven strategies.


Providing you with detailed financial reports and you always be informed about every aspect of your rental property. 


We take care of every details, freeing you up from the hassle of dealing with the everyday operations of your rental property.

Our professional service is devided Into 3 different specialties




villa Operation

Villa Sales and marketing

Villa project and renovation

Our Services

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“Our operational management services are designed to alleviate the stress and hassle of day-to-day operations of rental property, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your daily life. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellent service will give you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is being well taken care of with efficiency and professionalism.”

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Scheduling and managing cleaning and maintenance

We are confident in our ability to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and maintenance for your property. Our team, including housekeepers, groundkeepers and maintenance team, is dedicated to ensuring that every detail of your villa is taken care of.

HR management

We streamline the HR aspects, from staff hiring, training and performance to workplace morale, payroll/salary, and nurturing employees. With our expertise, we ensure that your villa staff runs smoothly, and performs optimally.


Staff training and supervising

Our supervisor ensures expertly trained and skilled staff at your villa. We're committed to delivering impeccable service, using training programs to boost performance, productivity, and guests satisfaction.

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Guest relations

Providing an enjoyable stay for our guests is our top priority, and we have the expertise needed to deliver on this promise with the exceptional customer service.

Check-in & check-out

First impression is the key. We have a handle on check-in and check-out processes by delivering a seamless arrival experience for the guests.

house engineer

Property care & inspection

We are committed to maintaining the high standards of your villa's condition. We conduct regular and thorough inspections to identify areas for improvement and promptly address any necessary repairs.

Cost management

Rest assured that we have taken necessary steps to maximize the profit. Our team has established partnerships with distributors, allowing to minimize costs without sacrificing quality and prevent overspending.

Monitoring villa supplies

We ensure that all the necessity for the guests are readily available at all times. We have established a reliable distributor, from sheets change to shower amenities, which allows us to facilitate a seamless supply process.


By comprehensive inventory, every investment made for your rental villa is tracked and recorded. Our team regularly checks the condition of your property's assets to ensure that they meet the standards and fulfill the needs of the guests.

Arranging extra services

Our partnerships with reliable service vendors/provider, including airport transfers, private tours, private chef, and massage services. These additional offerings are aimed to elevate the overall comfort and enjoyment of the guests during their stay.

Our Services

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Financial forecasting

We create a financial forecast that outlines the potential revenue and profit generated in a given year. This will help us understand the most probable outcome and make informed decisions.


Revenue strategy & management

Leveraging our expertise and vast experience, we deploy data-driven strategies to set realistic goals and achieve remarkable outcomes from your rental villas.

Property profile contentwriting ​

We have a wealth of expertise in crafting compelling rental villa profiles. Our team is wholly confident in the ability to produce not only engaging content writing, but also effectively build trust with potential guests.


Extensive distribution​

With a comprehensive marketing spanning 10+ distribution channels, we guarantee that your villa will reach wide diverse demographics. This includes our direct booking system, OTAs, our regular guests, and our partnered agents.

Exclusive direct booking website​

Online presence is crucial. Not only do we rely on third-party platforms, we also provide you with a dedicated website for your villa's direct booking system. This will help minimize fees and increase revenue.

Data-driven online advertising​

We are constantly exploring ways to expand your villa's marketing outreach, one of them is through online advertising. We understand the importance of a data-driven approach to achieve our objectives and maximizing bookings.

Dynamic pricing strategy​

Dynamic pricing is key in short-term rentals. We utilize in-depth research to provide dynamic pricing strategy for our clients' rental villas. This allows us to optimize our occupancy rates and meet our revenue projections.


While a beautiful property is a significant factor, it does not guarantee bookings. We possess extensive expertise to excel at search algorithms and maximize visibility, both on OTAs and search engines, ensuring your villas performs at its highest potential.

Promt reservation team

Our dedicated team is always standing by and ready to assist with any inquiry and guide the guests throughout the booking process. Rest assured that your villa will not miss any bookings.

Comprehensive report

We are dedicated to maintaining complete transparency with our clients. We deliver monthly financial reports that encompass all details such as revenue, expenditures, bookings and financial statements. Our objective is to keep you well-informed and provide you with a complete understanding of your business.

Sales & Marketing and financial Management

“Leaving your rental property with vacant dates can be stressful, and marketing it to the right guests at the right time with the right price may take a lot of effort and time. We can help maximize occupancy and ensure a steady income for your rental property through effective sales and marketing strategies. We also offer financial management services for complete transparency on your property’s financial status.”

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Our Services

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Villa Project

“Building or renovating a property can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Our project management services will ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We will oversee all aspects of the project, from sourcing materials and vendors to coordinating construction timelines and managing the budget.”

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Finding the right properties

We meticulously inspect potential properties for factors such as location, rental demand, and projected profitability to ensure they align with your investment goals.

Notary Services and Legal Counsel

With strict adherence to property regulations, permit requirements, and rental laws, we ensure your property investment run in full compliance.

Initial consultation and project assessment

We specialize in assessing the potential of your villa, pinpointing requisite renovations, and charting the most beneficial path to attract high-yield returns. Our service aims at metamorphosing your property into a much sought-after rental villa.

Design and planning coordination

We understand the complications that come with renovating a short-term rental property, hence, we integrate innovative design elements and careful planning to create a result that aligns with your vision.

Contractor and vendor selection

This service is designed to assure efficiency, competency and reliability in your renovation project management. We source and arrange trusted contractors and vendors for your specific renovation project needs.

Material procurement and logistics

This feature promises efficient sourcing, purchasing, and transportation. With a keen eye for cost-effectiveness and industry networks, we ensure the steady and punctual flow of required materials to keep the renovation process on schedule.

Construction management, coordination and quality control

Our expertise in construction management, project coordination, and quality control is key to turning your villa into a new heights, ensuring it matches up to the expectations of short-term rental markets and align with your desired aesthetics.


Selection and procurement of furniture, fixture, and decor

From conceptualization to materialization, we take the helm of your project management, delivering your vision into reality with peak efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

Project reporting

We encapsulate critical elements of the renovation process, including timeline, cost tracking, resources used and quality control measures implemented. This approach not only ensures transparency but also maintains the consistency of the project and aligns with your envisioned outcome.

In 5 years, SUMMERHOUSE has managed 50 RENTAL PROPERTIES and has welcomed 1000+ SATISFIED GUESTS

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